Lee was born in Edinburgh Scotland in 1971. In 1986 he started an apprenticeship as a commercial truck mechanic. In 1988 he immigrated to Australia where he was introduced to Alignment & geometry and completed his apprenticeship with Mercedes Benz trucks.

In 1991 he moved back to Britain and worked North of London for City Group who had several Truck dealerships until 1999.

In 1999 he immigrated to Canada where he worked at a local truck dealership for a year before starting Coast Truck Align Ltd carrying out laser wheel alignments and steering geometry solutions in the Vancouver Area.

He added his second mobile unit in 2002 and started adding other specialized services. In 2007 he totally rebranded the business and changed the name to Mobalign and started looking at growing the business through franchising.

After various meetings with the world’s leading franchise consultants, it was agreed that Mobalign was an excellent business model to franchise and after a year of working with the consultants Mobalign Franchising Inc was formed.

Lee enjoys other activities such as ice hockey, skiing, squash and spending time with his family.

Lee Pow, President of Mobalign


Dave was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1970.

From 1996 to 2003 he managed and developed a business which marketed and distributed mechanical engineering equipment to the construction, HVAC, industrial and process industries.

In 2003 to 2007 he set up a business with offices in Edinburgh and Vancouver which brokered agreements between UK Manufacturers and North American corporations.

From 2007 he has been developing businesses across a broad range of sectors including Construction, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, SAAS & Digital Transformation.

He has been involved with the ongoing development of Mobalign since 2003.

Lee Pow, Vice-President of Mobalign




"Columbia Fuels is like any well-run business, we look to save money so we can then pass that on to our customers. After reviewing some tire problems I called Mobalign Services to assist our company in rectifying some of our problems. Once aligning one of or Trucks and B trains there was an immediate response from the driver on how well the unit drove down the road without having to correct it all the time and keep it out the ditch. Mobalign clearly outlined the problems that were addressed and the "Cost vs Savings" based on our fuel mileage and tire savings,($6090 per year)after alignment costs. At this point, we decided that it made perfect sense to align our whole fleet. I would highly recommend Mobalign to anyone! Their service and knowledge was first class."
"Hello, my name is Greg and I'm the owner of G. TUTT TRANSPORT INC. in Chilliwack, BC.  We run 33 trucks throughout Canada and the U.S.A. with all different types of equipment, from Super B's to Tandems. Over the last 6 year, Mobalign has solved issues from kingpins to tire wear and handling issues.  Lee and his team at Mobalign not only fixed all of these concerns, they explained them.  In times like these, you want to be confident in all of the repairs made to your equipment. In all of my experience with Mobalign, the expense of the repair has, by far, been worth it in comparison to the cost of new tires and handling equipment. I would recommend Mobalign services to everyone.  It's not the money you spend, it's the money you will save!"
"I had problems with the truck for three years, it always pulled to the right and the tire wear wasn't great. After having some suspension repairs done it pulled severely to the right. I took the truck into my local tire store with an alignment facility; they carried out a three axle alignment with their latest and greatest machine. After they had made some significant adjustments I was on the road again, and to my disappointment, the truck handled no different. Two weeks later I heard that there was a Mobalign alignment technician carrying out some work in town. After a brief conversation and an inspection on my truck, he suggested that he could fix it later that day once his work was done. He found several problems with my truck and carried out adjustments on all axles. The truck was a completely different truck once he had finished the work; it had never handled this good since I owned it. Thank you very much Mobalign. I would highly recommend your service and expertise to anyone who is serious about getting the job done right the first time."

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