The Economics of Timely Repairs: How On-Site Fixes Can Boost Trucking Profitability

In trucking operations, time is money—and every minute counts. When a truck is out of commission due to mechanical issues, it’s not just inconvenient. It’s a significant hit to the bottom line. This is where timely repairs come into play—and why partnering with a mobile mechanic like Mobalign can be a game-changer for trucking companies. 

Understanding the Cost Per Mile

Cost per mile (CPM) is a fundamental metric in the trucking industry. It encompasses all expenses associated with operating a truck over a mile traveled. These expenses include fuel, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and depreciation. Minimizing the CPM is crucial for trucking companies to maximize profitability. And nothing minimizes CPM like ensuring minimal downtime. 

The Significance of Mobile Repair Programs

Mobalign understands the critical nature of keeping trucks on the road and offers on-site repair services tailored specifically for the commercial trucking industry. From laser wheel alignment to trailer kingpin, axle, and spindle repair, Mobalign’s experienced technicians are equipped to handle various mechanical issues efficiently and effectively. 

How Mobalign Can Help

One key advantage of working with a mobile service business like Mobalign is the time-saving factor. Rather than bringing the truck to a traditional repair shop, which can involve scheduling conflicts and transportation downtime, Mobalign brings the repair shop to you. Trucks can return to the road faster, minimizing lost revenue due to idle vehicles. 

Mobalign offers services that help trucking businesses lower expenses and maximize profits. 

Laser Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment ensures optimal handling and fuel efficiency. It also combats premature tire wear. It’s important to consider the impact of tire maintenance on overall trucking costs. As an industry, tires account for approximately 2% of a company’s operating budget, with an average cost of around 4.5 cents per mile (Clark, 2023). Proper wheel alignment and regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of tires, reducing replacement costs and maximizing overall profitability. Mobalign’s state-of-the-art laser wheel alignment equipment allows them to accurately align truck wheels on-site, reducing the need for multiple trips to a repair shop and maximizing uptime. 

Trailer Kingpin Repair

The kingpin is a critical component of a semi-trailer. Mobalign’s technicians are trained to diagnose and repair worn kingpins quickly and efficiently, helping trucking companies avoid costly delays and accidents. If kingpin wear is identified early enough, the kingpin can be repaired rather than replaced. This is often a cost-effective solution that Mobalign can provide—if we’re contacted at the first sign of problems. 

Axle Repair

When a trailer or commercial truck’s rear axle is in an accident, the impact and the unit’s weight can often cause major damage to the drive axle or trailer axle, bending the housings. This type of repair usually involves removing and replacing the axle would normally cost a fortune. Mobalign’s team has the expertise to repair rear axles on-site, minimizing downtime and getting trucks back on the road as soon as possible. With Mobalign, there’s no need to remove the wheels. We can straighten up to 1 ½” of toe in/out and 1-degree camber on most drive and trailer axles. Our commercial trailer axle repair method saves you thousands on parts and labor, not to mention countless hours of downtime. Your rig is back on the road in hours, not days.

Spindle Repair

A spindle on a truck plays a vital role in supporting the wheel hub assembly. When a spindle is damaged or worn out, it can compromise the vehicle’s safety and performance. Mobalign specializes in spindle repair, providing fast and reliable service to keep trucks running smoothly. Our commercial truck and trailer axle and spindle repair service is designed to tackle the issue of worn or damaged axle spindles resulting from wheel bearing failure on trucks and trailers. Our patented method is the premier solution for fast axle spindle replacement or repair, saving you the money lost during downtime.

Mobalign is a hub in the industry. We’ve seen firsthand what effective on-site repair programs can do for businesses. They’re integral to enhancing profitability in trucking operations. By partnering with Mobalign, trucking companies can mitigate risks, minimize expenses, and drive sustainable growth.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help grow your business and lower costs. 


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